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Home Staging Consultations

We provide a detailed Staging analysis to give the necessary tools to prepare the home inside and out for today's competitive market. Depending on your needs and budget we offer both verbal and written via email consultations. Many of our clients ready the house as per the consultation and that is all that is needed to get it sold! Others prefer we return to put on the finishing touches.     

Hands On Staging Of Occupied Homes

For houses that are in good condition, relatively clutter free and just need our "magic touch" we often begin to Stage right away usually completing the staging within a few hours. This is a great package for realtors and sellers alike. Some sellers like to physically assist us while others prefer we do everything. Either way we are happy to accomodate. Our sellers frequently tell us they love the changes we've made and plan to incorporate them in their new home. 

We have recently had the majority of homes go under contract within a matter of days using this format. Contact us today for pricing.

Staging Occupied Homes With Additional Decor

Our experience allows us to transform your home quickly and with style sometimes adding decorative touches to make the best first impression. CYNTHIA ANNE INTERIORS has extensive inventory to create the mood that sets your home apart. If you would rather purchase items to take to your new home we can do the shopping or give advice as to what to select. We know where to get a great look at a great price.  

Staging Vacant Homes

People are consistently impressed with the ambiance the house portrays when we have completed the Staging. Our company goes the "extra mile" with attention to detail both in portraying not only a cohesive look but using enough art, accessories and furnishings for the home to "shine". Our goal is to create an inviting space both online and in person. Our experience takes into consideration the demographic of the buyer and the architecture of the home when selecting a "Staging style". We have extensive inventory, whether contemporary, transitional or what we call modern traditional to meet your vacant home Staging needs. A current, unified style is the benchmark we strive for in each vacant home and we are committed to continually elevating the quality of our work. 

Staging Spec And Model Homes

As an investor you understand how important it is for your model or spec home to show beautifully. We absolutely love to decorate new or renovated homes and will provide everything needed at very reasonable rates. Whether you choose to own or use our inventory we are here to meet your needs. We have successfully Staged models of various decorative styles creating elegant, tasteful spaces that beautifully showcase the house as a wonderful place to live. Our goal is to impress buyers from the moment they walk in the door and keep that feeling going. We are happy to stage whatever rooms you desire. If we don't have in stock what your house needs we can get it for you. From "hip and happening" to "classic and sophisticated" we are ready to turn your model into a showcase.

Commercial Space Stagings

From condo lobbies, tenant spaces, stairwell art, offices and decorator showrooms we are available to help with your commercial space needs. Transforming your commercial space can be tastefully done even on a budget.

We Look Forward To Working With You

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